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International payments

Unibank has a wide correspondent network and is an active participant in the SWIFT interbank system. The main instrument that the bank focuses on in its work is international settlement operations, for which Unibank offers:

  • opening current accounts for local as well as non-resident companies
  • conducting a wide range of international payments, including:

    • payments under contracts to buyers and suppliers for goods, raw materials, etc.
    • payment for logistics services, storage and insurance of goods
    • acquiring and providing loans from shareholders, parent and holding companies
    • transactions related to structuring and ownership of assets
    • structuring complex transactions related to the sale and purchase of assets, shares, etc.

In order to meet the highest international standards and requirements, in our work we lean on the key principles of the following organizations and directives: OECD, The Wolfsberg group, FATF and EU AML Directive.

A wide client base and the trust of a large number of customers allow the Bank to carry out over 5,000 international transfers per month. The bank's clients work with partners all over the world, being able to make payments in most of the world's most traded currencies.

For all the questions related to opening accounts, making payments and subsequent servicing, contact the employees of the branch.